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Welcome to the Amazing and new Match Up Challenge System. It’s an ongoing 1-on-1 open Challenge format where you challenge a player and self-schedule to play the match.
1) NEW PLAYERS: Click MY Account to Register. One player in each match must be a paid Registered Player and have active credits. Free members can play in any match.
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3) Match Up in the Challenge system: To download >Click the Challenge Card & Instructions.
>One player must be a paid …

How to Keep Score + Get A Performance Rating

THE KEEP SCORE & GET RATED TRAINING VIDEO. The instructions and definitions are at the bottom of this page. If you print them out and read them with the video it’s much easier.
WWW.PROPOOL.COM is a state-or-the-art program with many hi-tech features. This page is devoted to keeping score and getting a rating, so you can compare your performance to other players and the pros.
All the other sports have a standard method that everyone understands even if you don’t play. In our sport there are so many systems even players have trouble discussing their true ability. How good do you …