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FYREPLAY Shootout 2018

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InsidePool.TV is producing “FYREPLAY Shootout” This is part of the National Ranking Points Event for the Fyreplay Nationals. Reserve your City Host Venue Today!!!

Any Venue with 1 pool table can benefit with getting more Players and by hosting the FYREPLAY 8 Player round robin series. Ranking Point earners are qualified for our Player Rewards Gift Card program to cash in tournament points to buy products from all our favorite billiard vendors! In addition cash and prizes will also be awarded at each event.
Introducing the NEW FYREPLAY round robin challenge system. Our …

The AMAZING Virtual TD, Tournament Director

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Your Pool Venue can be easily set up to run the Virtual TD 24-7 in 48 Hours.
The Venue Re-seller is Free Setup! No Contracts!
Take full control of your event promotions.
Connect your TV’s to broadcast our Pool TV Channel. Then enjoy our creative, entertaining and informative videos and let the VTD do all the work.
Install the Re-seller Player Entry …