The Corner Pocket Fyreplay Shootout City Titles 2018

SUPER HOT NEWS for 2018> >>> InsidePool.TV is producing “The Corner Pocket Fyreplay Shootout” City Title Events 2018. Reserve your City Host Venue Today!!! Any Venue with 1 pool table can benefit with getting more $ in our Player Rewards Gift Card program!
Draft Format under development. This is a round one open qualifier for the Main Events.
1) Select the >EVENTS tab in the header
2) Select The Corner Pocket Fyreplay Shootout (8-Ball, 3 Games per Match)
3) The first 3 matches are free,
4) Select Join Roster and follow the registration process
5) Use MatchMaker or Facebook or any communication process to schedule your matches
6) Play the match and Enter Scores. (both Players validate the scores. If the opponent is not present Email Verification is required to post the score.
7) Players are ranked by GW Games Won. Each Player plays 10 Matches times 3 games = 30 Games
8) The Top Players to get 30 Games by the Deadline are moved to a new Leaderboard to Play in the Final Event.

Where Players Redeem their Rewards Gift Cards they Win or Earn at!
Player videos are posted on TBC, Facebook, YouTube, and more

Click Here & Now to Request your City Tour Stop and Book your Host Venue Event.

The Corner Pocket Fyreplay Shootout City Title Format:

>Qualifiers are held at any Qualified Official Venue to be announced.

>City and County Title Events are held at any Qualified Official Venue.

>State Title Events are held at any Qualified Official Venue.

>US Regional Playoff Events are held at any Qualified Official Venue.

>US National Title Event are held at any Qualified Official Venue.

Players can WIN InsidePool.TV Player Gift Card Exclusive only at these events!
Any Pool Venue can become an authorized TBC and Gift Card Event Center and secure your City or State Title Event.
Book Your Venue Event Today! 3 EZ STEPS: (Limited spots available)
1) Get a Roku or Amazon Fire TV device and watch TBC.
2) Send us a 1-5 minute video of your Venue Entry and some Player shots having fun for TBC.
3) Purchase Player Gift Cards to continue the progress and grow your events. The more Gift Cards you use, the Bigger the TV Event you earn.

Players that Win Qualifiers & Gift Cards at your events will be broadcast on The Billiard Channel (TBC).
The Gift Cards below work the same but have a different look.

Enjoy the Re-Master of the Strickland V Reyes Super Show and many more to come!

To Live Stream your events contact us as we Play Pool across America.
We are kicking things off with the progressive $1 entry 3-BALL Contest at Rose’s Billiards in Eureka CA. 3-Ball is a great game for all skill levels.
Contact Marketing at Propool to secure and schedule your stop. click here
“The Show Off’s” Play Pool America
This is the proposed route going west on US 80 to Eureka, the US 101 to LA and return on Route 66 back to Detroit. If you want your pool venue in this amazing tour contact us asap!

Your City and State
>Don’t miss these Great Matches! Watch for the schedule.
+ Watch for details on the NEW Revolutionary Virtual TD (Tournament Director). Follow Alvin the director and sports caster of these amazing shows.
“ facebook”:

“>Join us in presenting a “FAN-Tastic” new way to enjoy “POOL!” and Win valuable Gift Cards from the Sponsors! Watch to see the new surprises! You won’t want to miss this Tour!
“The Show Off’s” Pool Tournament #1: (90 min.)
Rocket Rodney Morris in the Virtual Pool Hall (1 minute) Technical Support

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