International CueMakers Contest 2018

Welcome to the International CueMakers Contest 2018.
Sponsored by InsidePool.TV and LC Ligthning Cues

PRESS RELEASE January 17, 2018:
Announcing the InsidePool.TV ICA CueMakers Contest Sanctioned by the International Cue Makers Association. This Live TV Show format has several exciting features that will explore and broadcast the artistic and technical elements of the cue business throughout the year with the Live TV Show Finale in the fall of 2018 where the judges and public fans will vote for their favorite cues. Watch as the story develops on and the Billiard Channel.

1) First Category (Traditional Points Masters) Cues with Traditional points that are V-Grove, full splices, or other points that look similar.
2) Second Category (Butterfly Points Masters) Cues with the rounded points that are often called butterflies.
The butterfly and traditional point cues can have extensive inlay work or no inlay work.
3) Third Category (Artistic Inlays Masters) Inlaid cues without traditional points that have extensive inlay work.
4) The ICA leadership will decide which category the cues belong into. Each cuemaker can enter up to one cue into each category. (No decal cues allowed)
5) Quality film of the cues will be filmed at the Super Billiards Expo in April 2018 and at other live Inside Pool TV events. The cuemakers retain ownership of their cues. Inside Pool TV retains all rights to the film of the cues or cuemakers interviews.
6) Everyone submitting a cue to be filmed must be a member of the International Cuemakers Association.
7) Entering a cue in the contest does not entitle the cuemaker to any royalties or ownership in the final televised or DVD production.
8) The exposure that the ICA and members get is all we expect to get in return for submitting cues for the contest.
9) Inside pool will establish the rules for voting on the cues at a later date and voting will probably be done mostly by participants in their other live events. Some judging may be done by a panel of judges on the show also.
10) Cues will be filmed without any logos shown in order to allow the cue to stand on its own merits and not brand name. The brand name of the top three cues from each category will be revealed to the public in the final episodes.
If you want to enter a cue bring it to the ICA booth at the expo. This should generate a lot of exposure for cuemaking and our association.

The Mission is to provide a LIVE TV Broadcast and Internet based program that allows everyone to participate in this exciting event. The fascinating cue art is the leading feature of pool and should be highly promoted in every way to the mainstream public. Everyone including grandmother can appreciate fine cue art. How many fans of American idol can sing? How many fans of Dancing with the Stars can dance? The TV Shows like Project Runway and many how to build homes, custom cars reality shows inspired this project.
Proposed Program: The first 10 interested CueMakers will makeup the Contest Rules Committee. There will a few cue categories for the CueMaker submission entry based on $ value $500, $1000, $2,500 and $5,000+. Official Judging rules and public participation will be defined.

Directed by the Virtual TD
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>$10.00 for 11 Credits! 1 credit = 1 match. All funds generated for this event stay in this account.
Entry Cost for your guaranteed 10 Matches, 5 Games per match!

GENERAL RULES & Format and Guidelines:
1> Players will register with for free and follow the directions regarding registering and buying a $10.00 entry fee equaling 11 match credits. All Players play more pool not only the winners!
2> The Top 25% of the board will advance to the Main Event.
3> Further Contest Rules & Guidelines are under development.

^^^^^Please give us your comments on this event. We will be closely monitoring all activities looking for improvements to make
Here is you opportunity to help build the best tournament format we can.
To contact us via Email with your comments: We are striving hard to develop the ultimate pool playing machine!

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