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Players & Venues can be a part of a WORLDWIDE Progressive pool Tournament from your home town!
This is not Virtual Pool. It’s a Real Pool online Event Format that enables Players to start an event and let it build as big as they can. Traditional elimination formats start with the biggest number they can get like 16, 32, 64, 128 players etc. and eliminate down to 1 Winner. This is a progressive system like Facebook, the lottery or any progressive slot machine, where a few Players join the event roster and start challenging other Players as it grows perpetually until a close date.
All the entry fees and added sponsor prizes show up on the PRIZES $ wheel.
PAYOUTS $ wheel include InsidePool.TV Cues, T-Shirts and other prize gift cards. Random Winners happen at any time during this open qualifying round. Then Venues the host planned events; for example: the Top 32 that have completed their 11 matches. then extract those to play in that event. All the other Players in that MatchBoard Event continue until the next planned event.
NOTE: All Prize Fund Wheel $ amounts are the accumulated Cash/Prizes available for that event. It includes Entry Fees, Sponsor Prizes, and Venue Prizes. Each Event will have it’s own specific details. The Payouts will be listed and may include: Extra Credits, Random Awards, Special Gift Cards, Qualifying Event Passes, Table Time and more.
YOU can be a part of a Local or Global pool tournament from your home town!

7 Ways to play pool:
1) Social only with to skill and interest to improve “In the moment”
2) Bar challenge
3) Practice and training
4) Pool Leagues are too difficult to organize and too restrictive and need dedicated captains.
$8, 4 games of pool, 2 hours. Accumulating to the finals
Very difficult to get 10 teams and 40 players to play for a 10 week season.
5) Typical Elimination Tournaments are too limited, restrictive, a constant bottleneck, too much waiting and the weak players donate the $ to a few good players
$10, 6 games to 20 games, 3 to 6 hours
Very difficult to get 32 – 64 players to play in a bigger event. 64 x $10= $640
6) Competitive matches, Players are matched up
7) Events
ProPool Events: The TBC Virtual TD> TV Driven Online> self run format. Low entry, many ways to Win. Designed based off the lottery, slot machines, and video games.
A) Progressive: Unlimited number of Players can play and match up Play anywhere, Play any time, No waiting, Play when they want, Play who they want
(6,400 Players x $10 =$64,000) Now how many sponsors can we get? And how many products can we sell?
B) PoweRack: 8-Player round robin 9 Event series. The Winner of each PoweRack qualifies for the Final #9 TV Event for TBC. More than 8 Players in a round robin takes too long. Round robin is more like a singles pool league than an elimination format.
$10, 7 matches, 21 games, No waiting, Play when they want, Play who they want
(64 Players x $10 =$640) 9 events and TBC Broadcasting
FyrePlay Shootout is using format B)
$1 per slot machine
$1 per video game
$9 to see a movie
$1 for a coke
$5 for a beer
Any 2 Players or Group can PLAY in any Local or Worldwide EVENT!
2 players, 1 match qualifies you into any ProPool Event across the Nation!
Find the nearest pool table & LET’S PLAY!

We are taking online social media networks one step further into reality and actually meeting up face to face at your favorite pool table.
8) Billiard Statistics, The Performance Rating, The FREE Shot handicap, Virtual TD, The Show Offs, 24>7G Smart Pool(tm) products, software and systems are all registered trade name and trademark of HF Enterprises, Inc. Note: Pro Stats with a calculated Performance Rating(tm) PR System a registered trade name and trademark of

World Billiards Performance Rating PR Description

1000 Perfect Match No Errors during a match over 5-7 games
900 Top Professional Top Professional, rarely shoots over 900 in one match
800 Professional Excellent, Normally shoots a Rating of 800 plus with very few errors
700 Semi-Pro Frequent run outs, great position/strategy, typical 5-7 ball run
600 Expert Occasional run outs, great position/strategy, typical 4-6 ball run
500 Advanced Experienced, Seldom run outs, can play position, typical 3-5 ball run, has taken lessons
400 Rookie/Novice Beginner in competition, basic position play, typical 2-3 ball run, can????????t run out
300 Amateur Can make shots , no knowledge of position play, can????????t run out a rack
200 Starter New player, no knowledge of position play or fundamentals
100 Starter New player, no knowledge of position play or fundamentals
Cross Reference to National Systems
World Rating 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100
Title Top Pro Top Pro Pro Semi-Pro Expert Advanced Novice Amatuer Starter Starter
International Systems
1 to 10 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
2 to 7 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
0 to 100+ 95 UP 65 to 95 50 to 65 35to 50 30 to 35 25 to 30 25 down
0 to 1000 1.000 0.900 0.800 0.700 0.600 0.500 0.400 0.300 0.200 0.100
4 to 10-2 10-2 10-1 10 8 to 9 6 to7 5 to 6 4 4 4
0 to 15 8
These cross-reference numbers are approximate comparisons to the accurate World Rating Calculation.
We can analyze any pool rating system and determine an equivalent comparison.
Copyright 1998-2018 HF Enterprises, Inc.

8) PR Free Shot Handicap is the best way. We advocate a Performance based Rating, which is a basis for handicaps. Ideally, competing players should be grouped by skill divisions, which make it much easier to manage and more fun for the players. Handicaps only add another layer of complexity and confusion to the payers concerns at a tournament. However, handicaps do exist and are common, so it helps to have an accurate rating to work from.
Most ratings and handicaps have steps from one skill level to the next. That’s not reality. A Player skill varies quite a bit from several contributing factors. Using a handicap that is fixed until it is manually changed from one level to another is brutal. Using the 1 – 10 method as an illustration shows the weakness. A) If a high 6 plays a low 6 that Is a substantial skill difference, yet the players play even and B) If a high 5 plays a low 6 it Is a game handicap yet the players are even in skill level. This method only encourages fear and effort to try to stay from a new high number. There is no way to have this system accurate and current. This is a very weak system in these hi-tech days.
The ProPool PR Performance Rating floating system using the 0-1000 span, which gives plenty of fine adjustments to identify a players accurate rating and handicap. There are no skill rating steps to be manipulated, just play your best… Currently we are suggesting 75 points per game. If a 575 plays a 625 they play even. If a 510 player plays a 590 player that Is a one game handicap. Players and directors can determine their own ranges.

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