Welcome to InsidePool - ProPool Members Registration - Login! This will allow you to Play in a variety of InsidePool.TV Events. Tokens (also credits) purchased are used to give eligibility for each player to enter their matches. Think of it as quarters on the pool table allowing you to be eligible to play and WIN. Each token gives a Player the ability to enter their scores from a 3 game match played at an event. When a match is over the Player will be able to go and record their score and 1 token will be deducted each time from their token bank. Each Player will need 7 tokens to play in an 8 Player round robin qualifier to get into the Final TV Event Show. Tokens are NOT used for entry fees. $10 for 7 tokens. JOIN the best competitive "OPEN PLAY" system in pool! +No more waiting for a match! +Play more pool when you want and with who you want! +Record Your stats for life! This format is like a singles league and you get more play for your money! Turn every game you play into an official recorded score!

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